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Visitors and Guests

Day guests and visitors are welcome to visit us during camp; please remember, if you are planning to join us for a meal and/or need overnight lodging for your stay, our CI-PNW Registrar needs you to pre-register in order to make necessary preparations for your arrival. For everyone's safety, all visitors (regardless of the length of stay) will need to check in and out with the CI-PNW Registrar, as well as abide by the CI-PNW Code of Conduct.

The camp facilities will charge CI-PNW a minimal fee for all people present in our group. This fee covers safety insurance and liability should something happen to you while on the campgrounds. CI-PNW attempts to subsidize these fees as much as possible for our visitors, however you may be responsible for a small portion of the fee, depending on the length of your stay and any meals consumed. For more info on visitor rates, please contact the CI-PNW Registrar at

Visitor Rates for 2018*

(*Subject to change as determined by campsite. The following rates are for each individual guest. Pre-registration is encouraged for any visitors planning to consume meals and required for all visitors staying overnight.)

No charge for guests under 10 years old but must be accompanied by appropriate parent/guardian supervision.

• Day Visit Only (no meal consumed) $5.00/day waived if staying less than 2 hours
• MTV Night Celebration (no meal consumed)
(Methodist Talents in View is usually held the evening of Dec 28th)
NO FEE all guests are welcome this night; sign-in is required
• Any Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner $10.00/meal must check first with the Registrar; $5.00 day fee will be waived
• Overnight Stay Accomodations $18.00/night requires pre-registration for any overnight stays; $5.00 day fee will be waived
• Full Day Special
(Includes 3 meals and 1 overnight stay)
$45.00/special requires pre-registration
• Camp T-Shirt $15.00/shirt while supplies last
• Camp Photo $3.00/photo while supplies last
• Guest Speakers, Workshop Leaders, etc.
(Folks invited and/or coordinated by our CI Leadership Team.)
NO FEE Please correspond with the CI Leadership Team for your accomodations and logistics

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