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Join our 2019 Leadership Team!
Leadership team development for CI-PNW 2019 is already underway -- in fact, it usually begins during the most recent Christmas Institute gathering! Conversations about leadership opportunities occur during family group time, cabin sharing, and more. All prospective new and returning leaders then gather throughout the year for special trainings and sessions such as Summer Institute (SI), and other leadership events to appear on the calendar. Commitment includes attendance at meetings, 1-2 overnight retreats, prayer/Bible study sessions, and corresponding regularly via phone or e-mail. Our CI Directors are excited to hear from you if you're interested! Contact them at and stay tuned for more dates and events.

CI Leadership Team 2018
BRIDGES: CI Leadership Team 2018

Prospective Leaders for Future CI's
So... you wanna be an ATE or KUYA at next CI? BRING IT ON!!!

While being on the CI Leadership Team can be fun and rewarding, it is also quite a challenge. Being a leader means knowing how to be a servant; working with youth or peers in the CI setting requires modeling appropriate behavior and exhibiting spiritual maturity—not just at camp, but in your daily walks with Christ.

As the CI Leadership Team comes together, each of you will be asked to make a covenant with one another, and with God. We encourage you to pray about your decision before making a commitment, and please read the following descriptions to see where God might be calling you to serve. For more information, feel free to contact

SPECIAL NOTE: CI-PNW trains all prospective leaders and support staff every year, new or returning. These gatherings help equip all leaders with the necessary materials, resources, and strategies for running this year's camp while building solid fellowship within the team. If you are unsure of your schedule during CI, still make leadership trainings a priority. Whether you plan to help for just one day, two nights, or hopefully the entire camp, WE NEED YOU AT THESE SESSIONS! =)

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