CI-PNW Code of Conduct:
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CI-PNW Code of Conduct

All campers, leaders, staff, and visitors must abide by these guidelines throughout our entire stay at CI. These minimum expectations must be followed in order to maintain the safest, most appropriate space for all to enjoy. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!

  1. NOTHING ILLEGAL OR DANGEROUS IS ALLOWED AT CAMP. CI is a drug-free, alcohol-free, smoke-free, swear-free camp. Weapons are banned too.
  2. MEET NEW PEOPLE AND HAVE FUN. Prompt attendance is required at all activities. No one should leave the campgrounds without authorized permission from the Camp Dean or Director and by notifying the Registrar.
  3. VISITORS ARE WELCOME. All guests must check in and out with the Registrar and are subject to day/night fees. Late arrivals and early departures for any campers must be pre-arranged.
  4. MAINTAIN A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Respect the authority of all CI-PNW leadership who have been trained to take on their specific roles.
  5. RESPECT PROPERTY AND SPACE. Keep out of the personal space and property of others, as well as areas restricted by camp leaders and staff.
  6. SHOW SIGNS OF LOVE through encouraging words and friendly greetings. Romantic displays of affection—public or private—are not allowed at camp.
  7. READ YOUR BIBLE, PRAY EVERYDAY... Bring your Bibles to all worship sessions, family group meetings, and cabin devotions/sharing.
  8. INCREASE THE PEACE. Cell phones, stereos, and other media players should be put away during all activities.
  9. OBSERVE ALL QUIET HOURS AND LIGHTS OUT. Each delegate must be in their assigned cabins/bunks during designated times. Campers are not allowed to switch cabins. CI security will be patrolling grounds to ensure everyone's safety.
  10. CABIN/ROOM CHECKS AT THE END OF CAMP. Each cabin/room will be checked at the end of camp. Please take care of all facilities and grounds throughout our stay. Any damages that require replacement or repair fees are our responsibility.