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About our Organization

CI-PNW Ministries, Inc. was established in 1999 in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. CI-PNW Ministries, Inc. refers to the entire body of Christmas Institute in the Pacific Northwest, extending to the UMC Caucus of Filipino Clergy (a.k.a. WAFAUM), the CI-PNW Design and Leadership Team, and all current, former, and prospective CI delegates and participants.

Organizational Chart

CI-PNW Organizational Chart
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PNWUMC Caucus of Filipino Clergy
WAFAUM consists of all Filipino and Filipino American United Methodist clergy who are currently appointed within the Pacific Northwest UMC (PNWUMC) Conference and Alaska UMC Missionary Conference. The Caucus is responsible for guiding overall leadership of CI-PNW and remaining connected with other Christmas Institutes across the United States, Philippines, and beyond. CI-PNW Deanship is selected from within the Caucus each year, with the intention of rotating periodically between all PNWUMC clergy members. At CI itself, our clergy provide spiritual direction and support to the leaders and staff, and are available for "early morning table chats" with CI delegates.

CI-PNW Deans
1999-2001 - Pastor Alfredo S.P. Agtarap
2002 - Pastor J. Allan Ocampo
2003-2004 - Pastor David Valera
2005 - Pastor J. Allan Ocampo
2006 - Pastor Alfredo S.P. Agtarap*, Pastor Stephen Granadosin
2007-2008 - Pastor David Valera
2009 - Pastor Shalom Agtarap
2010 - Pastor Shalom Agtarap, Pastor Mark Galang
2011-2012 - Pastor Shalom Agtarap, Pastor David Valera
2013 - Pastor Shalom Agtarap, Pastor Mark Galang, Pastor David Valera*
2014 - Pastor Shalom Agtarap, Pastor David Valera
2015-2016 - Pastor Mark Galang
2017 - Pastor Dione Corsilles, Pastor David Valera
2018 - Pastor Shalom Agtarap

*in absentia

Design Team
The primary function of the CI-PNW Design Team is to conceptualize the theme for the upcoming camp and make basic preparations prior to leadership trainings and registration. Members of the Design Team vary from year to year, though some members return for the sake of consistency. It is a strong objective to balance participation and include representatives from the various churches involved in CI-PNW, encouraging new members to rotate in with a fresh voice and flavor to add to planning. The CIDT works with the Camp Director and is guided by the CI-PNW Dean.

Are you interested in helping to plan for the upcoming camp? There are various roles you can play. CIDT is looking for committed people to further the vision and mission of Christmas Institute. E-mail to see what's up.

CI-PNW Directors + Program Operations Managers
1999-2001 - Design Team only; no official titles
2002 - Erica Jill Ocampo, Director | Steve Barham, Program Operations Manager
2003 - Sophie Agtarap, Director | Steve Barham, Program Operations Manager
2004 - Sophie Agtarap, Director | Rachel Wu, Program Operations Manager
2005 - Sarah Agtarap, Director | Rachel Wu, Program Operations Manager
2006 - Shalom Agtarap*, Rachel Wu (Co-Directors)
2007-2008 - Sarah Agtarap, Rachel Wu (Co-Directors)
2009 - Sophie Agtarap, Kathleen San Pedro (Co-Directors)
2010-2011 - Antonia Perez, Kathleen San Pedro (Co-Directors)
2012-2014 - Yvonne Agduyeng, Faith Sairez (Co-Directors)
2015 - Denise Belista (Director)
2016-2018 - Anthony Sy, Noemi Tinte (Co-Directors)

*in absentia